Waterwell Drilling

A service provider anywhere in the UK.

At Taylor Drilling we can help you in either obtaining your own supply of water or in becoming independent of a water utility supplier. With all enquiries, we will help you to assess your water well requirements, This will include volume and quality issues, and then we will discuss what’s the best way forward,

In some cases a licensing application is required, in other cases it is not, either way Taylor Drilling will handle all of the application process for you.

Our drilling equipment is modern and we drill and install to WDA standards, we supply a 24 hr, 7 day a week back up service and all our work and equipment is guaranteed.

We also undertake well remediation and servicing contracts covering both the commercial and private sectors.

We drill between 5 and 12 inch internal diameter wells up to 400m deep. Our standard size is 8 inch, all wells are screen lined and gravel packed, Our pump control systems  are all individually designed based on each projects requirements

Finally, water quality is important so we at Taylor Drilling ensure all our water samples are tested at Laboratories than comply to UKAS standards and, before your system comes on line, if required the necessary filtration systems will be installed and regularly checked and maintained to ensure a quality supply comes from  your  new water well installation.

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Taylor Drilling were recommended to me after the company I was using abandoned the project when they hit ...

G. Swaine – Powys

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